It's My Life

Creative Problem Solving for Everyday Issues

What would you do if you had a program that could predict what you thought and decisions you would make? 

In fact because millions of teenagers have left their mark, we (It’s My Life) think that we have a good idea of where you are trying to go.

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What is ‘Its My Life’?

What is ‘Its My Life’?

Whether in the newspapers, online, on television, movies, fiction and non-fiction books, it seems as though someone is always referring to what a mess we have made of this planet on which we reside. It can be the environment, religion, the economy, greed, politics, or education. It doesn’t really matter: we, the human race, are compelled (and conditioned) to complain!

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Chip Fraser

chip-fraser-bioI have taught for many years in the public school sector and community college (as well as at the university level briefly), and during my career have been a special education teacher, resource, and mainstream at middle and high school. I also have had extensive experience coaching. During my career have also worked in the private sector in the restaurant industry, real estate, and in the film industry. Read More

Brian Jaramillo

brian-jaramillo-bioI have taught for seven years at Pacific High School in Ventura, CA as a math, science, life skills, and transition teacher. I have also served as a summer school principal, WASC Coordinator, administrative designee, and math department chair. Before becoming a teacher, I worked ten years as an instructor and assistant coordinator with people with developmental disabilities in Santa Barbara, CA. Read More